About Us

Welcome to OFFWAVE, the vibrant urban clothing brand that combines a hip hop and streetwear style with the convenience of an online store to easily connect you to hoodies, shirts, jackets and bottoms packed with style and personality.

Our Mission

Blending comfort, quality and style

OFFWAVE is set on a mission to connect you to streetwear that combines comfort, quality and style in one place. How do we do it? Everything starts with our team.

They work behind the scenes to remain on top of the latest fashion trends, distinguish quick fads from interesting trends, and come up with new concepts to add to our streetwear catalogue.

Next, we work closely with our trusted manufacturers to ensure that each item is manufactured with the best materials, at the best prices and in line with our high standards. Finally, each new product is added to our catalogue where you can order and have them delivered to your doorstep with ease – anywhere in the world.

Our Vision

Be a part of this story

Like many ideas, OFFWAVE started out a simple “what if?”. What if we created a stylish urban clothing brand, added an element of convenience with online shopping, and stood out with a personalized approach?

This simple “what if” quickly turned into an idea ready to materialize and, today, OFFWAVE has become the go-to place for countless happy clients looking for the latest urban fashion. But we don’t plan to stop here. In the future, we aim to keep on growing, expanding our collections and exploring new fashion concepts – and you can be a part of this story.

But don’t just read what OFFWAVE is like.